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Matched - Ally Condie Profound. Eloquent. Daring. Bold. Ornate.

Unlike many young adult fiction novels, Matched, is an articulate piece of literature. I found myself incessantly lingering on and highlighting excerpts of the novel simply so I could consciously relish Ally Condie's remarkably beautiful execution and delivery. It was refreshing to have a young female protagonist tell her story without gradually unraveling foolish/erratic sentiments and volatile/hollow relationships. The connections between Cassia and her family members and friends felt genuine. Her internal dialogue never veered away this conception, and actions ACTUALLY reflected her thoughts. (Which rarely seems to be the case, in other books.) The plot is fairly fast-pasted, and the setting was unique enough to lure me into the details.

It wasn't the kind of book I anticipated, and it exceeded my expectations. I was prepared for a 3-star novel, and Ally Condie served up a 5-star cliff-hanger instead.