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"People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading." - Logan Pearsall Smith.


Attachments - Rainbow Rowell This book is most certainly the best "chic-lit" book I've ever read, hands down. My fondness for this novel can be attributed to a handful of things, but I think I appreciated the genuine sincerity of the characters most of all. If you read as much as I do, then you would probably agree with me when I say that nine times out of ten, characters in one book to the next are more or less the same. The main characters, and even the supporting characters, all seem like original creations. Since I already brought up other novels, I'd also like to say, that I love how Rowell was able to find a balance with each personality. So often, authors present us with characters that are distinctly antagonistic; characters that are abhorrent, - or at the very least completely obnoxious - and that just isn't realistic. There doesn't always have to be an asshole in a love triangle. In reality, there usually isn't. Anyways, thank you Rainbow Rowell for creating realistic people in plausible believable circumstances.

Let me also say this: readers that don't like their time wasted on 80% imagery will LOVE the format of this book. A huge amount of the novel is written as emails correspondence to and from Jennifer and Beth, and their emails basically communicate a summary of important events and facts about their lives. I can't tell you how pleased I was that were not any page long descriptions of how many pieces of gum were under Jennifer's movie seat, and their flavors.

Oh and I can't forget to mention that this book contains some really great dialogue. The last line of the book was a perfect ending to a great read.