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13 Little Blue Envelopes

13 Little Blue Envelopes - Maureen Johnson Far too many aspects of this story are absurd and ill-concieved. I actually found it insulting as a reader. I know it is for younger readers, but I think it would be difficult for even teenagers to swallow. The directions Ginny's Aunt Peg gave her were bizarre and outrageous to say the least, but they were not even close to how irrationally and obtusely Ginny reacted to each challenge. This starts from the very first envelope she opens in London. For instance, when her aunt tells her to go to some man's apartment (whom she has never met or spoken to) and stay there for a few days... I couldn't help but think, "SERIOUSLY?" Surely I am not the only reader that found parts like this utterly bizarre, and indicative of Johnson's poor story-telling. Also, Ginny has to be the most unrealistic character I have read about in Young Adult Literature. She showed great courage and independence by going to Europe, and attempting to follow through with her aunt's wishes. Yet, she acts like a frightened bird whenever she gets there. I just absolutely loathed the whole thing. Worst $10.00 I've ever spent.