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Shadow's Edge

Shadow's Edge - J.T. Geissinger The romance was really well cultivated. I normally loathe the romance scenes in Paranormal/Urban Fantasy novels. Kudos to the author for not making me cringe or roll my eyes during scenes between Jenna and Leander.

However, the novel fell short with the female lead. I found Jenna's character to be obstinate and dim-witted. When other characters in the novel did or said something that carried glaringly obvious implications Jenna rarely acknowledge its significance until she was confronted with it by someone else. It's hard for me to accept an 'alpha' personality with such an acute lack of perception. If there were a scale measuring the reason and deduction skills of female protagonists, Jenna would be on par with, or fall short of, characters like Queen Betsy from MaryJanice Davidson's hilarious 'Undead' series. It works for Davidson, because much of the series' humor stems from Betsy being too clueless to rule the vampires. It does NOT work for Geissinger's novel, because there is nothing funny about the story or its characters. I don't like to read books that have me connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture long before the main character does.

I hate to end negatively, and so I'll finish by saying that the story did hold my attention. If it ends up being a series, there is definitely potential for some good reads, because the modern fantasy world Geissinger has created is about as refreshing and unique as the genre will allow.