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Devil of the Highlands

Devil of the Highlands - Lynsay Sands This is the third Lynsay Sands book I've tried to read. The first two were in her vampire series, and I thought that maybe it was just the way she wrote that series that I didn't like. After all, most of her books have a 4+ rating on goodreads, and that's normally a good way to measure whether a book is worth buying when I'm on the fence. Unfortunately, I just don't get it why people like her books so much. I think her writing style is very generic, the humor she tried to fuse into this book (and the two others I've read) was unbearably cheesy and forced. For example, when Evelinde and Cullen first meet there is this over-the-top accident that leaves the two tangled together in her dress, which somehow progresses to Cullen's face in her breasts and then her nipple in his mouth. It's all passed of to the reader as accidental. Actually, I felt insulted by the book because of scenes like this. As an fairly intelligent reader, I expect authors - especially best-selling authors like Sands - to assume that I won't simply accept scenes like this because they would like me to. If the narrator would have described Cullen's actions as shameless I would have been okay with it. It would have been more suitable to his character, anyway.

So after my third attempt at Sands, I have decided I just don't get along with her books, and will not be seeking their company again.