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Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon So. Damn. Long. I get that there's a few thousand years worth of back story Kenyon needs to fill us in on, but wow. Well over half of the book is set in B.C.. Nevertheless, it was a great story and very well written.

If you've read Acheron (Dark Hunter book #15), then you'll know what to expect. As in Acheron's book, readers get a very detailed account of Styxx's life. With that, we get a better understanding of why he is the way he is now. Also, we get a glimpse into Bethany's existence while Styxx was growing up and why she is the way she is.

It's a great story I might have given it five stars if it had been more of what I was expecting (based on the book synopsis) and if it wasn't so drawn out. That's not to say the book synopsis is wrong, exactly. It's just that the synopsis covers only the very end of the book.