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Just One Kiss

Just One Kiss - Susan Mallery The romance between Justice and Patience was sweet. Though, I did have a hard time imagining an 18 year old Justice being attracted to a 14 year old Patience. I'm sure it's not unheard of in real life, and I know Justice was a very lonely teenager, so I did my best to ignore that part.

I love how Mallery incorporates the characters from her previous books and sets up her upcoming novels by introducing new characters too. It's nice catch up on what's happening with the old characters and to get a glimpse at watch Mallery is cooking up the next book.

There was one scene in chapter 16 that was really random and entirely unrealistic. Felicia and Patience intervene on behalf of a woman being verbally and physically abused by her husband. Felicia attacked the husband while Patience asked the woman if she wants help. The woman tells Patience that she tried to leave several times, and even told her doctor about it. Apparently the doctor told her to just return home and be a good wife, because her husband is apparently that convincing... (WTF?) Charlie, the female firefighter, the mayor, and the police all come to the coffee shop. They Decide they're going to cover up Felicia's attack, find a place for the wife and haul the husband off to jail. Bam! It's over... in like six or seven pages. The whole thing was just so unnecessary, I thought it might tie into something at the end of the novel. But, nope. Maybe Mallery is going to feature the wife in an upcoming book... That's the only reason I can come up with to make sense of it.