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Wild Things

Wild Things - Chloe Neill This was definitely entertaining, but the storyline just unfolded too easily. I know this is a fantasy novel but the investigation lacked plausibility. Merit can't find any trace of the sup kidnapper because the kidnapper has diligently covered her track...oh wait, here's a handy article with an interview she did complete with photo and her real name/// Merit needs to find a way to save Ethan from the clutches of the mayor and her anti-terrorist task force - one that doesn't involve kicking ass... well, how about a phone call from an informant with a treasure trove of blackmail material, will that do? On second thought, perhaps the problem was that the villains were hardly malevolent, and they definitely weren't cunning or menacing characters.

Like I said, it's a fun book, and I enjoy the vampire's political struggle that's been threaded through the series, but I wasn't impressed with conflict in this edition.