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Stone Guardian

Stone Guardian  - Danielle Monsch, Tavia Gilbert This series has potential. I was really drawn into the "entwined realms" concept and I can see this series getting better if she switches protagonists in the next book. I think one book is all I can handle of Larissa Miller. She wasn't the kick-ass heroine I love to read about in urban fantasy novels. I think I would have been fine with that if this "scholarly" protagonists flexed a little more brain power. I liked her in the beginning. But, as the story progressed, her decision making made my opinion of her plummet.

Larissa aside, I really do recommend you give this book a try. I was thoroughly entertained, even when I was annoyed with the main character, and from the way the book ended I am eager to read the next book. Let me make myself a little clearer, my annoyance with the main character did not lower my opinion of the novel. There's too much awesomeness to let one character bring it down. There are elves, gargoyles, werewolves, necromancers, dragons (and dragon slayers?) all living in the same world in an urban environment after the worlds were entwined (hence the series name).

Also, I listened to the audiobook edition and [a:Tavia Gilbert|2743336|Tavia Gilbert|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1297803769p2/2743336.jpg] performed the narration. She does an awesome job! So if you use audible (it might be available at downpour.com or on itunes but I haven't checked) buy the audiobook.