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"People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading." - Logan Pearsall Smith.


Bloodfire - Helen   Harper A truly kick-ass heroine.
A smorgasbord of supernatural creatures including many I've never read about before.
A slow-building and entirely believable attraction between the heroine and the Brethren's Alpha. Don't expect much romance in this book. You'll be disappointed if you do, but Harper is clearly setting the foundation for an abiding relationship between Corrigan and Mack later in the series.
An ending that satisfied but also left me eager for the next book.

Harper has managed to revive a genre I felt had long gone stale.

***I might have been a bit over-generous with my rating, because there was one, tiny part of the story that annoyed me. However, it's tied to a spoiler that's too big to mention, and I was so entertained with the story that I'm going to give Harper a pass on it.***