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Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones I would love to give this book five stars. Unfortunately, the issues I've had with the second and third books in this series are still preventing me from entirely enjoying the Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet.

When will Charlie come into her powers? I want her to kick all the butt that Reyes and Angel keep insisting she is capable of kicking. It's disappointing to have her relying on Reyes and Artemis every time she runs into danger. The extent of her abilities showcased in this book were to blow 'light' like pixie dust from her palm onto a demon and to stop a guys heart from beating. Although the latter is certainly impressive, she didn't consciously do it, and had no idea how she managed it. I think think book annoyed me even more than the last, because every time she was in danger she started panicking and vomiting from fear. (I know, I know. That sounds callous even to me, but come on! She's the GRIM REAPER!)

Why does continue to let her dad off the hook? Nothing is ever resolved, and in this book he isn't even remorseful. He freaking shot at her, and he didn't even bother apologizing. Oh yes, and this is after he let his second wife treat her like crap throughout her childhood, set her up to be killed by psychopath in order to protect his second wife and his other daughter, and then try to get her arrested while she laid near-death in a hospital bed after being held hostage and tortured. But, somehow, by the end of this book Charlie is anticipating her and her father becoming the best of pals.

Anyway, if you overlook these 'minor' details this series is quite entertaining. Just be prepared to grit your teeth and roll your eyes a lot, and not because of the cheesy T-shirt and bumper sticker quotes at the beginning of every chapter.