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The Binding

The Binding - L. Filloon Well...

Let me begin by saying that I'm disappointed in the 1,400+ Goodreads reviewers who contributed to this book's 4.28 star average. Thanks to the high ratings I was lured into wasting .99 cents and several hours of my time on a story that had the potential to be awesome, but turned out to be rubbish.

I wasn't expecting this book to be so juvenile, seeing as it had an eighteen year old protagonist. The characters acted like preteens. I'm not exaggerating. Expect to find some very explicit discussions/statements like...

“'He French-kissed you? Oh my God, Julia! Our first French-kiss and where was I?'”

"Star Trek is one of our favorites, not so much the series but the latest movie with Zachary Quinto ― we are his biggest fans. We’re totally in love with him."

What eighteen year old girls talk like this? Honestly, I want names.
I think that part of the reason this book comes off so juvenile is how quickly the story unfolds. There's not much character development which makes it hard to connect to the story. Within the first quarter of the book Lily has accepted her status as a princess of another realm AND Tharin as her betrothed. At about the same time readers also learn that Torin is already secretly in love with Lily's best friend, Julia. ..

I also had a few (but major) technical issues with this book. Filloon wrote the novel in first person, present tense. That's uncommon, but I would be okay with it if she hadn't decided to switch the point-of-view from Lily to Thalin at each new chapter. It's hard for a reader to maintain perspective when two characters are giving a first person account of the exact same events as they unfold. Plus it's hard to hold my interest if I have to relive the same scene from a second perspective. It was just annoyingly redundant. Also, the writing needs to be reedited. There are a substantial amount of silly errors that shouldn't have made it past the proofreaders before it was published. Grammar has never been one of my strengths. If I notice the errors then it must be a big problem.

Would you like examples?

chapter seventeen: "Boys who look like he does don’t look at girls who looks like me."
chapter nineteen: "I look upward and watch the the cloud move at high speed away from us."
chapter forty-six: "I look at Mellis and he’s laying flat on the snow."
chapter fifty-three: "I close my eyes again and breath deeply."