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White Witch, Black Curse

White Witch, Black Curse - Kim Harrison I've continued to read up to this point in the series because of the supporting characters and Harrison's paranormal world; book seven was no exception. However, I would appreciate it if Ms. Harrison omitted the following for the rest of the series: children on their deathbeds, mention of Piscary, banshees, sexual tension between Ivy & Rachel - for the love of all that is holy please find a cure for that damn scar -, or deductions by Rachel that lead to more smut on her aura when it isn't absolutely necessary. (book five comes to mind first, when Rachel had Ceri make the wolf transformation curse for her - it ends up being a life-saver - but was originally created for absolutely no reason.) Also, it would be great if these omissions were replaced with more of the following: an affably evil Al, Trent, Bis, and I actually wouldn't mind a bit more Pierce either.

I suppose the next book will decide whether or not this series is worth anymore of my time. We shall see...