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A Perfect Blood

A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison Oh, Kim Harrison. Seriously? This book should have given loyal readers answers, or at least taken Rachel's narrative forward, even the tiniest bit. Instead, you have written BOOK NUMBER 10 like you were writing a script for a daytime soap opera. The story was fairly interesting, but mostly only frustrating. It was stagnant. I'm trying hard to think of anything monumental or intriguing that occurred, and yet I can't. I really didn't want to read another book with Rachel acting selfish, continuing her hero complex, failing at her job, and having really awful things happen to her, with intermittent moments of feeling sorry for herself.

So, potential readers, if you're hoping to find resolutions for some of the series' long-standing issues (like the relationship Rachel has with Trent), boy are you in for a heap of disappointment. NOTHING HAPPENS! AT. ALL. Unless sharing a slice of cherry pie at the end counts...

I believe that an author who writes a series has a responsibility to his or her readers to deliver books that are worth waiting approximately a year for a new story, especially when the author is on BOOK 10! A Perfect Blood was not worth the wait. I want a refund, and I won't be reading the next book in this series.