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Explosive Eighteen

Explosive Eighteen - Janet Evanovich The skips Stephanie is assigned in this book didn't entertain me as well as they have in other Plum novels. However there are still plenty of laughs along the way. I wish we could award half stars, because I'd prefer to give this a 3.5. The only other writer capable of making me laugh as much as Janet Evanovich is Lisa Lutz, and for that I feel compelled to give the book a high rating. Although, I would appreciate it if Evanovich would move along with the love triangle. I mean, EIGHTEEN books and short stories is a long time to keep a love triangle going.

By the way, did anyone else pick on all of the baby discussions throughout the book? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I remember Stephanie mentioning a birth control lapse during her time in Hawaii. Can you imagine Stephanie carrying RANGERS baby? I love it.