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Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair - Marie Force The mystery/suspense was interesting. The romance was annoying; I wasn't feeling the chemistry between Sam and Nick at all. It's annoying when people in relationships create problems and don't act like adults. I felt like both Sam and Nick were guilty of this. They were constantly putting themselves in tempting situations. Normally I wouldn't care about a couple resisting their attraction due to conflict of interest. In fact, I would probably be rooting for them if it weren't for things: one, Sam is the lead detective on Nick's boss's murder investigation; and two, Sam repeatedly makes token protests about crossing boundaries. She ditches her partner through the entire investigation so that Nick can ride shotgun and has a sleepover with him at the victim's residence so they could 'search for clues'... It all just seemed wrong to me... totally unethical and inappropriate, especially when you consider the fact that Sam was one screw up away from being fired...

The mystery held my attention, though. I've read many reviews of people saying that the murderer was obvious from the beginning, but I didn't guess until much later in the book and I really don't see how the hell anyone could.