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Mirror Sight

Mirror Sight - Kristen Britain The further I read the more irate I became with the author. I don't see how Britain can rectify all the damage she has done to the Green Rider series with this one book, so I'm washing my hands of the whole damn thing.

This book is predominantly set in an industrialized world at some time in the future, but by the end of it Karigan makes her way back to Sacoridia sans love interest, the baby she was carrying, and an eye. If that weren't bad enough, she returns with a dwindling recollection of everything she had experienced, which causes her to go more than a little insane. Oh, and to make matters unbearably worse... she finds Zachary married to Estoria and expecting twins. In continuation of the last book, Karigan is completely screwed over by people who should have her best interest at heart (esp. Zachary and Captain Mapstone). I cannot comphrehend how this story fits in with the series or how Karigan can overcome all that she has endured. I don't know if Kristen Britain decided she hated Karigan at some point or what. Whatever her reasons for writing this book I am NEVER reading a book written by her again. The last 50 pages were just cruel. There's no resolution or the hope of a future resolution. She would have been better just killing Karigan off.